Sarcastic Mother's Day Cards

11 Apr 2024

Mother's Day is coming up.  You likely have a mother.   Maybe you have a wife that's a mother?  It might be funny to send a Mother's Day card to your wife that's not a mother.  We don't know what kind of relationship you have.

Want to send a heartfelt and sincere message to the mother in your life?  Why not send a Discard instead?

Hello Discards

01 Apr 2024

It's an April Fools Miracle

Do you groan at the thought of sending another sappy birthday or anniversary card? Do you plow through every card on the Target wall looking for one devoid of all human emotion?  

Are you really going to buy a physical card and send it?  Lick a stamp?  Do you even know where to get stamps?  Didn't think so.  

You're our people.  This is for you.

Here's to the sarcastic, the lazy, the couch potatoes, that weird cousin at family gatherings they warn people not to talk to.  If you don't know who the weird cousin are the weird cousin.  Welcome!

Discards are snarky electronic greeting cards for most occasions.  Birthdays, Thank Yous, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.  We haven't done any condolence cards yet because that seems too far. 

Anyway...we're quietly turning it on today, April Fools, because if things don't work out we'll claim it was a joke.  You can't prove otherwise.

It's free to try a few. 

Team Discards

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