Greeting cards for people who hate sending greeting cards

Why say something nice when you can say something snarky? That's our motto. Well, one of them.

We've also got: "For when you want to say I care and also I’m lazy”.

These aren't even real cards...they're e-cards. You pick a template, type in who it's for, enter your message and send. Off it goes!

Or don't enter a message and we'll enter one for you...which is not advisable. Either way...check out our catalog.

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What people are saying

John D.

This "product" made my mom cry. 1 star is too good for you.

Jane S.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Would not eat here again. 1 star.

Emily J.

My father wrote me out of the will. Thanks for nothing, Discards. 1 star.

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Greeting cards for people who roll their eyes at greeting cards